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Psychologies, the UK's No.1 emotional wellbeing magazine, provides every woman with inspiration and advice to lower her stress and anxiety and boost her resilience and happiness.

Psychologies’ mission is to provide every woman with inspiration and advice to support her to improve her emotional wellbeing. We aim to help her boost her happiness and resilience and lower her stress and anxiety. We do that by providing simple, achievable steps to make small changes that can add up to a real difference.

Embracing the four pillars of our life, from mind and body to heart and soul, psychologies engages with the world around us as well as the world within to help our audience discover inspiring ways to make every day better and create a life they love.

The four pillars of our life:
MIND – Boost your happiness and ways to overcome problems, looking at psychology, philosophy, confidence, anxiety, stress, therapy and more
● HEART - Make the most of all of your loving relationships – with your partner, kids, parents, other family and friends
● BODY – Your physical reality: gentle activity (walking, running, swimming, cycling, yoga), sleep, nutrition, natural beauty, meditation and more
● SOUL – The things that make your soul sing: creativity; nature; finding your purpose (including your work); travel and spirituality

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