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Country Smallholding is Britain's best-selling smallholding magazine. It is an unmissable read for anyone who wants to live the Good Life

This exciting new magazine covers all aspects of owning and maintaining a smallholding and features articles each month on everything from hobby farming to poultry upkeep and organic gardening, providing a wealth of practical information and advice. 

The Country Smallholder will deliver a monthly dose of news, practical information, how-to guides and columns on hobby farming, organic gardening, and reviews. Readers can also look forward to a monthly 28-page feature on poultry, as well as additional veterinary advice, seasonal advice and extra articles on beekeeping. Our editor will also be producing a monthly 4-page special wherein all your burning smallholding questions are answered.

The Country Smallholder is published 13 issues per year and has a cover price of £4.75.


The Country Smallholder

The Country Smallholder

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Guides & Specials

The Country Smallholder
September 2022

£ 4.50

Practical Smallholder Series: Avoid The Vet

£ 9.49

Practical Smallholder Series: Rare Breed Poultry

£ 9.95

Practical Smallholder Series: Keeping Ducks, Geese & Turkeys

£ 9.95

Practical Smallholder Series: Keeping Garden Hens and Ideas with Eggs

£ 9.95

Practical Smallholder Series: Anyone can be a Smallholder

£ 9.95

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