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Mini Magazine - A leading magazine dedicated to the Classic Mini!

The best magazine dedicated to the classic Mini. Each issue is crammed with inspirational feature cars; ranging from surviving originals and restored rarities, through to the maddest custom and performance Minis.

Our news, clubs and events coverage are second to none, and our technical section is the best there is - lead by the knowledge and experience of well-known and respected racer, Keith Calver.

Mini Magazine is published every four weeks (13 times a year) and has a cover price of £5.50. Subscribe now and save money on the retail price and get each issue delivered direct to your door.


Mini Magazine

Mini Magazine

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14 JULY 2022

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Bargain Cars
Issue 18 - Aug 2022

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2022 Best Buys

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August/September 2022

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Classics Monthly
September 2022

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August 2022

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Mini Magazine
October 2022

£ 4.50
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