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A leading UK magazine essential for VWt owners and enthusiasts.

VWt is a must read for all owners and enthusiasts of the Volkswagen Transporter, from the T4 model upwards. 

Each 100-page issue is filled with great quality content, ensuring you know everything you need to about T4's and T5's. Designed with the reader at heart, you can indulge in product reviews, road tests, shop tours, transporter history and reader’s rides.

VWt is published every four weeks and has a cover price of £4.99.

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Bargain Cars
Issue 17 - Jul 2022

£ 4.25

Issue 122 September 22

£ 3.99

Issue 121 August 22

£ 3.99

Issue 120 July 22

£ 3.99

Performance VW
Autumn 2022

£ 4.50

Performance VW
October 2022

£ 4.50

Performance VW
September 2022

£ 4.50

Performance VW
August 2022

£ 4.50

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