Park Home & Holiday Living

The UK's only consumer magazine for potential and existing residents of park homes.

Park Home & Holiday Living is the UK’s only consumer magazine for potential and existing residents of park homes.

The magazine was designed in 2012 with a renewed focus on promoting the lifestyle on a park. Many residents highlight the benefits of living in a park home, namely the low maintenance of the property, the community spirit, proximity to amenities and the minimal hassle. These and other advantages are promoted to encourage and guide people, especially moving from ‘bricks and mortar’ into a park for the first time. For existing residents, there will still be advice on refurbishment, gardening tips, new model homes profiles, park visits and essential legal advice.

Edited by Alex Melvin and supported by a team of experienced and knowledgeable writers, who have been involved in this industry for many years, Park Home & Holiday Living magazine continues to be the only dedicated publication for people involved in this scene – be they potential residents, residents, park site owners, home manufacturers or associated service providers.

Park Home & Holiday Living is published 13 times a year (every four weeks) and has a cover price of £2.95. Subscribe now and save money on the retail price and get each issue delivered direct to your door.


Park Home & Holiday Living

Park Home & Holiday Living

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