Bargain Cars

Providing advice and inspiration on the best in motoring from the last 30 years

Bargain Car’s DNA comes from one of the oldest and most respected magazines in the business. Sister title Car Mechanics has been telling people how to save money every month since 1958. Everyone likes a bargain, and Bargain Cars is now here to tell you how to bag the best buys.

However, we also believe that bargain cars do not need to be cheap cars; there are bargains to be found with any budget or market-sector, and a typical issue of Bargain Cars will cover a full price range from sub-£1000 bangers right up to £15,000-plus luxury machines which can now be bought in worthwhile condition for a fraction of their cost new.

Car Mechanics Bargain Cars is a 68-page magazine, published monthly with a cover price of £3.99.
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Bargain Cars

Bargain Cars

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