Pure Performance

Celebrating the very best performance cars

From the publishers of Fast Car, Motorsport News and many more automotive publications, Pure Performance is a quarterly series aimed at celebrating the very best performance car heroes from the past 40 years.

Reflecting a golden age of motoring, when style and performance became just as important as form and functionality, Pure Performance will celebrate legendary cars such as the Porsche 911, VW Golf, Mazda MX5 and many other automotive performance icons from Germany, Japan, UK and elsewhere around the world.

Pure Performance is published quaterly and has a cover price of £8.99.

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Pure Performance

Pure Performance

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Guides & Specials

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23 JUNE 2022

£ 2.99

Motorsport News
09 JUNE 2022

£ 2.99

911 & Porsche World
Issue 336 - July 2022

£ 4.99

Classic Porsche
Issue 85 - May 2022

£ 5.99

Performance VW
Autumn 2022

£ 4.50

Jaguar World
July 2022

£ 4.99

Performance BMW
June/July 2022

£ 3.99

Performance MINI
June/July 2022

£ 3.99
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