Classic Porsche

The definitive celebration of Stuttgart's air-cooled classics

The definitive celebration of Stuttgart’s air-cooled classics

Published by the same team that brings you the market-leading 911 & Porsche World magazine, Classic Porsche is the only magazine which exclusively covers air-cooled Porsches, from the earliest prototypes through five decades of stunning road and race cars. Every issue is packed full of showcase features focusing on standout examples from the Porsche back catalogue, as well as profiles and interviews with key Porsche personnel (including legendary racing drivers), rare archive photographs, event reports, owner stories, in-depth articles focusing on restorations, Porsche-specific technologies and much more.

Classic Porsche is brought to you by a team dedicated to the scene — all Porsche owners, drivers and enthusiasts, making Classic Porsche a must-have title for anyone who shares the same passion for this prestigious marque.

Guarantee your regular fix of air-cooled classics by subscribing to Classic Porsche and get each issue delivered direct to your door at a cost much lower than you’ll find on the newsstand. Classic Porsche is published nine times a year with a tandard cover price of £5.50.


Classic Porsche

Classic Porsche

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