The Smallholder

Back to basics publication aimed at 'true' smallholders

The Smallholder (published eight times each year) is a sister publication to Practical Pigs magazine. Having merged with Practical Poultry magazine, The Smallholder features specialised segments on how to care for and rear your birds, with every edition.

The Smallholder is a back-to-basics publication aimed at smallholders with a large productive garden right up to those with several acres of land.  Each issue tells the stories of those who are deeply involved in this unique passion. There are regular features on sheep, chickens, pigs, goats and alpacas plus frequent articles on fruit and vegetables too and land skills and rural crafts; in fact, everything to interest and support the smallholder. The Smallholder exudes a sense of community, mutual help and, above all, celebrates the joy of living and working on the land.

The Smallholder was the original smallholding magazine and in its current form it aims to hold fast to the objectives that The Smallholder has championed since its launch in 1910.

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The Smallholder
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