Ships Illustrated #1 - British Aircraft Carriers of WW2

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Ships Illustrated


Ships Illustrated

Issue 1 - British Aircraft Carriers of WW2

Published by Ships Monthly Magazine.

First issue of this facinating series

It has not been possible to compile this history of British Aircraft Carriers of World War 2 without including the pioneering days of WW1. Whilst the Royal Navy recognised how useful it was to have aircraft ranging high above the Fleet, the concept of actually taking them to sea in numbers remained firmly the domain of the seaplane carrier for the majority of WW1. It was not until the progressive conversion of HMS Furious, which was originally laid down as a battlecruiser, and the historic landing upon her by Cdr Dunning in a Sopwith Pup in 1917, that 'traditional' carrier design in Britain began to gain pace. Dunning's achievement in landing an aircraft on a short flying-off deck was a highly dangerous manoeuvre just in avoiding the original superstructure alone, and it would ultimately cost him his life. The idea of a completely uninterrupted flight deck was first presented on HMS Argus in 1918 although the idea had originally been muted back in 1912.

Editor: Martyn Chorlton