Railways of Britain #12 - On Shed Part 8 - A-Z Review of BR Diesel Depots

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Railways of Britain

On Shed - Issue 8

A to Z of BR Diesel Depots and principal Stabling Points 

A survey of British Rail Diesel Depots around the regions

From Aberbeeg to York this A to Z guide brings together a definite reference to all British Rail's diesel depots and sabling points. Apart from a few specific examples, such as BR Works, which will be covered in our next On Shed issue, every BR depot to have had a diesel allocation is included in this publication. Also includedare many of BR's stabling points which were used for diesel locomotives between 1948 and 1998.

In total, this issue contains well over 100,000 pieces of seperate information on close to 400 depots and stabling points.

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