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Your guide to getting fit and healthy

Put together by experts in weight training, fat shedding, body toning and training-focused nutrition, the Men's Fitness Guide series of bookazines zone in on different topics to get you on track to the body you want.

We've got the Complete Guide to Dumb-bell Training, Meals that Make Muscle, the updated Workout Manual for 2020, and many more dedicated specialist magazines for you to keep at home for expert tips in an instant.

Men's Fitness Guide is published 10 times a year (every 5 weeks) and has a cover price of £4.99.

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Guides & Specials

Men's Fitness Guide
#21 - Lean and Strong

£ 3.99

Men's Fitness Guide
#20 - Military Fitness

£ 3.99


£ 3.99

Men's Fitness Guide #2 Meals That Make Muscle

£ 4.99

Stuff Gadget Guide - Wearable Fitness

£ 7.99

Men's Fitness Guide #1 Dumbbell Training

£ 4.99

Stuff Gadget Guide - Mobile Phones

£ 7.99
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