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Women's Fitness Guide - #8 - Fat Burn

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Womens Fitness Guide

ISSUE 8: The ULTIMATE Guide to Fat Loss.

With so much information on weight loss around right now, acheiving the shape you want can seem daunting. This is why our special 10-week Fat Burn title keeps things simple, informing you on the best slimming mindset, the most effective workouts, nutritious yet filling meals, and healthy snacks to keep you energised. Combining knowledge from several experts, this guide could help you lose a stone in under three months – and keep it off for good.

Included in this Issue:
- Short & Effective Workout Ideas
- Meal Plan & Top 10 snacks to aid your weight loss journey
- Start Shaping Up & Firm that butt!
- Start Running Today: 5k running for beginners
- Keeping the weight off.