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Classics magazine is the UK's most practical classics magazine.

Dedicated to buying, restoring and repairing any popular British and European classic and sports car from the 1930s to the 1980s. Each issue is packed with great technical advice, invaluable buying information and owners’ restorations. Our easy-to-follow guides for beginners and expert owners will save you time and money! 

Classics Monthly magazine is published every four weeks (13 times a year) and has a cover price of £4.80.




Classics Monthly

Classics Monthly

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Guides & Specials

Bargain Cars
2022 Best Buys

£ 4.25

Classic Porsche
Issue 87 - July 2022

£ 5.99

Classic Porsche
Issue 85 - May 2022

£ 5.99

Car Mechanics
September 2022

£ 4.50

Classic Car Buyer
#649 10th August 2022

£ 3.00

Classic Car Buyer
#648 3rd August 2022

£ 3.00

Classic Car Buyer
#647 27th July 2022

£ 3.00

Classic Car Buyer
#646 20th July 2022

£ 3.00

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