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Classic Jaguar is the definitive celebration of this most iconic of British motoring marques

Classic Jaguar aims to be the definitive celebration of this most iconic of British motoring marques. It will chart the historic journey of a car maker that started life in 1922 as the Swallow Sidecar Company in Blackpool. The company soon evolved into a Coventry based manufacturer of sports cars. With a new factory and glamorous new models, Jaguar was flying from the 1950s onwards as it exported cars like the MkVII saloon and XK120 around the world and achieved huge motorsport success at Le Mans.

Classic Jaguar magazine aims to relive these golden moments, looking back in time at this magical era for Jaguar, profiling the people, the places and, crucially, the cars that made the company what it is today. With its focus on the traditional, classic models of the past, Classic Jaguar will be the perfect complement to the comprehensive coverage readers can also enjoy in Jaguar World magazine.

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