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Sci-Fi Icons Bookazines makes the perfect Christmas gifts for every Sci-Fi fan!


What is a bookazine?
A bookazine is the size of a magazine, but has the benefits of having little or no adverts. Each issue of Sci-Fi Icons contains 100 pages, jammed packed with content. This makes these publications highly collectable among the Sci-Fi community.

There are two series covering two subjects Timewarp and TV & Film.

Sci-Fi Icons Timewarp bookazine travels back in time to the days of retro sci-fi, fantasy and horror, and gives exclusive behind-the-scenes access to your favourite genre offerings, exploring where they came from and what they went on to inspire. Featuring interviews with the casts and crews of all the best blasts from the past.

Sci-Fi Icons TV & Film combines everything you need to know about the hottest genre topics, from Batman and Wonder Woman to the X-Men and Blade Runner, all in one bookazine. Featuring exclusive interviews, investigations and more, each themed issue puts one subject under the microscope and takes a look at hit films and TV shows that came before and after.

These publications retail at £7.95 each and postage and packaging is free.

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