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Gain a fascinating insight into the history of coins and their worth.
Take an historical journey through time, learning about Great Britain’s
rulers from the past millennium and beyond,
with this unique collection of magazines and reproduction coins.

With each issue you will receive an exclusive coin of stunning museum quality,
that builds into a fascinating collection.
Each coin has been carefully selected and
faithfully reproduced to look like the original.
Included in the series will be reproductions plated with real gold.

Free Gifts

When you subscribe you will be sent a fantastic free gift. 

 A hoard of 16 replica Tudor coins containing:

Elizabeth I quarter angel plated in real gold replica coins
Elizabeth I sixpence replica coins
Henry VIII sovereign plated in real gold replica coins
Pirate money ‘pieces of eight’ replica coins

To start your collection you will receive two coins from the reign of Elizabeth I

There are a total or 26 issues in the series to collect


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Free Prize Draw

When you subscribe you'll be entered into our prize draws

Every fortnight we'll be giving away a solid silver replica pirate coin - the Piece of Eight.
We have 25 coins up for grabs and subscribers will be automatically entered into the draws

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Ensure you do not miss an issue

Receive an exclusive Tudor Hoard containing 16 replica coins

Entry into our fortnightly Pieces of Eight real coin prize draw

All with free delivery to your door

Missed an issue?

We have all the back issues available buy for you to be able to
complete your collection

You can also pre-order upcoming issues and they will be
sent to you before they reach the shops

Cover price for the first issues are at the introductory prices of £1.99 for issue 1 and £3.99 for issue 2. Subsequent issues are £5.99.