Ships Illustrated #9 - Maritime Britain

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Ships Illustrated #9 - Maritime Britain

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Ships Illustrated

Issue 9 - Maritime Britain

Published by Ships Monthly Magazine.

The UK Shipping Scene in Focus 1990-2015

This special publication features over 200 high quality photographs depicting trends and developments across the shipping and maritime worlds during the past 25 years. With focuses on:

Channel Ferries
Domestic Links
Irish Connections
High Speed
Warships & Auxiliaries
Tugs & Towage

This book provides a pictorial record of shipping in and around the waters of Great Britain over the last quarter of a century, providing a glimpse of some of the vessels which have appeared and worked at British ports across an era that has seen numerous and various changes. It includes a mix of significant vessels which made a real difference when they were introduced, those with interesting histories, and others which are simply unusual or much admired. 

Author: Gary Davies
Editor: Nicholas Leach

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