Psychologies Journal

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Psychologies Journal

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The Psychologies Journal

The beautifully designed Psychologies Journal is for those who want to achieve their goals whilst becoming more focused, positive and grateful. It contains exercises, prompts and planners to help you set goals geared towards creating a fulfilled, happy life you love. Brimming with words of wisdom and inspiration, it will help you connect with your core values on a daily basis and help you to be led by your inner guide - so you can move from dreaming to achieving. It’s creative, it’s engaging and will help you live your best life. 

The Psychologies Journal will empower you to
o Create a new vision for your life
o Discover your daily happiness habits
o Overcome what's holding you back
o Focus on what fulfils you versus drains you
o Listen to a new positive soundtrack in your life

This 120 page softback journal is printed on high quality paper, measures 250mm by 190mm and is durable yet light in weight. Caution! If used regularly, this journal could totally transform, profoundly shape and dramatically alter your life!

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