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The World Encyclopedia of Birds & Birdwatching

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The World Encyclopedia of Birds & Birdwatching

Title: The World Encyclopedia of Birds & Birdwatching
Author: David Alderton

A comprehensive, colour reference to birds around the world, with an introduction which covers the natural history of these amazing creatures. The text and illustrations aim to give an insight into the enormous range and diversity of birds on the Earth. These range from the tiny hummingbird to the towering ostrich, the flightless penguin to the soaring eagle, and the muted colours of the common gull to the brilliance of the rainbow lorikeet.

The introduction explains how these creatures are thought to have evolved and their anatomical similarities. It also looks at the miracle of flight, bird behaviour and habitats. Endangered species are highlighted. Fieldcraft and bird-watching are explained with practical tips to gain the best results. Safety, clothing, vagrants, Web sites, and the importance of research and patience are all covered.

Author: David Alderton
Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Anness Publishing
Language: English

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