Carnography - Inspritational cars / epic imagery

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Carnography - Inspritational cars / epic imagery

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Fast Car magazine prides itself on working with the best automotive photographers in the world. These artists capture jaw-dropping images of the finest car culture on a daily basis, and its archive is bursting with pictures that need to be seen again. The result is this very bookazine. Welcome to Carnography.


When magazines are put together, there needs to be a balance between the silky pictures and the story behind them. The biggest frustration for a designer is trying to get everything to fit and sometimes, for the greater good, an epic picture gets sacrificed. That isn’t the case here though. Each car has a short synopsis, but this bookazine is less about the technical aspects of the build and all about the beautiful carnography that has been created. A picture paints a thousand words, goes the saying, so get ready to do some serious reading...

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