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The Pioneers of Heavy Haulage

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Pioneers of Heavy Haulage

Paperback: 132 pages
Publisher: Kelsey Publishing Ltd (30 Jun 2010)
Reprinted: January 2020
ISBN-10: 1907426132
ISBN-13: 978-1907426131

There is something positively epic - some might say, heroic - about moving huge loads on the public highway. And whilst it is incredible to think that more than 100 years ago Wynns achieved some amazing feats using little more than horse and muscle power, who can fail to be stirred by the sheer breathtaking, awe inspiring sight of seeing maybe four powerful tractors moving a piece of electrical equipment or chemical plant the size of a block of flats?

It was as far back as 1890 that Robert Wynn had seen the need for a wagon that could move a 40-ton ships' boiler... a weight that was unheard of at the time. And it was almost certainly the lessons learned during those pioneering days that saw Wynns shifting larger and larger loads. But it was probably the ingenuity of Robert's son Percy - known generally as 'HP' - that led to the period that might be considered as Wynns' glory days in heavy haulage.

In the three decades following the end of World War 2 'HP' was responsible for Wynns staying ahead of the game by exploiting advances in technology to shift ever more impressive loads.

'HP' was also responsible for encouraging Cranes of Dereham to fit pneumatic tyres to a 150-ton trailer, even if the tyre manufacturers insisted that it was at Wynns' risk. It was also 'HP' who saw the benefits of trailers that were fitted with hydraulic steering and suspension, removing the need for a second tractor at the rear to assist with manoeuvring the load.
Wynns' glory days may be behind them, but this does not diminish the incredible achievements of the past... Wynns truly were the pioneers of heavy haulage.

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