Vintage Roadscene | August 2015

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Vintage Roadscene - August 2015

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Vintage Roadscene Issue 189 - August 2015

In this issue...

Teesside Fire Engine Rally
Ron Henderson reports on this rally in June
in the North-east in its 34th year.
Supplied by Ford & Slater
Ray Newcomb, ‘finder of the lost treasure’,
has sent us some interesting pictures of
vehicles supplied by this well-known
commercial vehicle dealer.
The RAC - The Parliament of Motoring
John Greeves follows his history of the
AA by looking at the other major UK
motorists’ organisation.
It Pays to Advertise
Norman Chapman pays tribute to
Commercial Motor magazine with a look at
vehicle advertising over the years.
Electricars Limited
Keith Roberts looks at the history of
one of the UK’s main battery-electric
vehicle producers.
Scenes Past – High Street Names
Mike Forbes brings us some pictures from
the Chris Hodge ‘Stilltime’ Collection,
featuring names which are – or were – wellknown
to many people.
Timpson’s – An Early Pioneer
Allan Bedford tells the story of this wellloved
coach company’s early years.
Gaydon – Big and Best
Malcolm Bates reports on this year’s Classic
Commercial Show with a few thoughts
about the venue.
Dutch Gold
Allan Macfarlane happened upon a
great collection of preserved lorries
near Delft.
Rally Diary
Our monthly guide to Great Ideas for Great
Days Out.
Rally Reports
This month, Barry Fenn, Andy Taylor, Vic
Capon, Len Jeff eries, Keith Baldwin and
Mike Forbes report on the Llandudno
Festival of Transport, Rushden
Calvalcade, Riverside Rally at Southport
and the Richardsons Open Day at Oldham
– phew!
Scene & Heard
Your letters commenting on recent articles
and much more...
Next Month
– what’s in store next time…
Tailscene – Metamorphosis
A Bedford S Type returns to its original
guise as a petrol tanker.