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Trucking - September 2015

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Inside the September 2015 issue of Trucking magazine...

Super Swedes!
Sanderson’s stunning Scania
R580s pull no punches

Desperate Measures
Manston Airfield is ‘short-term
solution’ to Op Stack woes

Who Pays the Price?
UK hauliers hit with huge costs
after diverting around Calais

Distribution Specialist
Renault Range D26 road tested

Mean & Clean!
Enviro-Clean’s bespoke-build
FH460 8x4 rigid with Kaiser-
Whale recycling tanker

Community Spirit
J&M Murdoch celebrates 50
years of business in style

Top of the Scots!
Our pick of the best
commercial vehicles on show
at Truckfest Scotland

Defying Convention!
We investigate the challenges
that face owners of US
trucks in Britain

Industry News
Airfield is ‘short-term solution’ to
Op Stack chaos, diesel price falls,
gov investigates peak-hour truck
bans in city centres

Operators’ News
Big-cab FH tipper is just the job for
Gough, Dyce bets of French
tractors, Salvatori settles on
fuel-frugal XFs

Drivers’ News
Driver’s hours relaxed during Op
Stack, British truck tyres found
“deflated and dangerous”, bed
bugs ‘pandemic’ in UK cabs

International News
COBR steps criticised as Calais
crisis escalates, RHA calls for
military action to deal with migrants

Future Driving
Continental demos new tech to
make truckers ‘superhuman’

Decision Makers
Regulations and compliance
discussed at the recent FTA Fleet
Engineer Briefing in Birmingham

The Big Interview
Road Tech’s Derek Beevor on why
integration is key to operator success

Why should drivers risk all in Calais?

New Gear
The latest gadgets and widgets

Best of the Forum
Snippets and curiosities from
around the internet

Business Focus
How canny fleet investments is
bringing in business for Bowring

We test drive Renault Range D26
Wide 6x2 distribution special

The latest books, music & films
reviewed and rated

Win a Pump Pal!
We’ve 10 fuelling tools to give away

The Big Deal
Enviro-Clean’s FH460 8x4 rigid
with Kaiser-Whale recycling tanker

Community Spirit
J&M Murdoch celebrates 50 years
of business in style

Me & My Truck
Eddie Friar’s stunning Merc Actros

...and much more!!