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ClayCraft - Issue 2

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ClayCraft  |  Issue 2

Feature info:

8-11    Skill school: throwing
Centring, throwing a cylinder, with 2 additional finished items for inspiration

12-15  Project 1: Making a plaster press mould
How to make a re-usable mould

16-17 Forest Row School
Spotlight on a new ceramics school

18-19 Tool box: Home-made tools
Making tools from household objects to use when moulding

20-21 Tech masterclass

22-25 Project 2: Joining pinched sections
How to join pinch-pot sections together, with 2 additional finished items for inspiration

26-29 Clay types –Valentines
Expert explanation of clay types/uses

34-37 Ceramic Art London show
A round-up from this important show run by the Craft Potters Association

38-41  Project 3: Set of 3 sgrafitto bowls
Make 3 stacking bowls, decorated using sgrafitto, with 2 additional finished items for inspiration

42-43  Collect – show report
A report from the Craft Council show and spotlight on 2 exhibitors

46-47 Project 4: Making sprigs
How to make plaster moulds for sprigs

48-49 Hobby2Business- inspirational tale
An ex-Stoke potter starts again after redundancy

50-51 Book extract: glazing
How to apply glazes, book extract

52-55 Project 5: Coil building
Coil build leaving the coils exposed on one face, and using moulds, with 2 additional finished items for inspiration

58-59 Slips: tips, dos and don’ts
Throw Down potter explains the dos and don’t of slip trailing, with hints - pictorial

61Buying a 2nd hand kiln – Potclays
Expert advice on what to look out for, and what to avoid

62-63  Project 6: Decoration, paper resist
Using paper resist technique, with 2 additional finished items for inspiration

64-65 Project 7: no-kiln firing – using a BBQ
Warts and all home firing

69-71  Emerging Potters
Spotlight on who’s up and coming

72-73  CoCA - Centre of Ceramic Art, York
A look at the dynamic presentation of the Anthony Shaw collection