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MG Sports Cars

For five decades following its tentative beginnings in 1923, the history of MG was one of near continuous growth, development and success, achieving giant-killing success in competition, world speed records by the dozen and, in the post-war years, helping to put the UK back on its economic feet with a phenomenal export sales drive.

This bookazine celebrates the golden years of the Abingdon era from 1955 to 1980, as well as the RV8 of the early 1990s that provided a link between MG's past and its future.

The 1950s saw MG unveil the sensuous curves of the MGA, a car whose graceful lines have never been bettered. Hot on its heels came the MG Midget, developed in 1961 as a back-to-basics roadster that brought all the fun of sports car motoring to a younger and less affluent market.

And then came the evergreen MGB. It could be argued that the B does no one thing exceptionally well, but that it does everything superbly: it perfectly embodies the MG slogan of ‘Safety Fast!’

All of these landmark MG models are covered in detail, as well as the six-cylinder MGC, which was built in smaller numbers but still represents an important strand of the MG story. We've got model guides and modifying advice, historical essays and road tests, so sit back and immerse yourself in the fabulous world of MG sports cars.