Jaguar XK 70th Anniversary Bookazine

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Jaguar XK Bookazine

Celebrating the 70th Anniversary



Jaguar XK Bookazine

Celebrating the 70th Anniversary

Classic Jaguar Collectors’ Edition

Seventy years ago, at the 1948 London Motor Show, a legend was born. Few could have predicted then just how successful the Jaguar XK120 would prove to be, but all the signs were there: the stylish body, the punchy twin-cam engine and Jaguar’s engineering prowess when it came to ride and handling.

The XK series established Jaguar’s reputation as a sports car builder, but it wasn’t just the engine that propelled the XK120 to countless records, it would go on to power icons of many shapes and sizes and lived on in production until the 1990s.

This publication is a 100-page, limited edition celebration of the Jaguar XK series, illustrated using fascinating memorabilia and archive photographs, together with stylish contemporary images. Features include: histories charting the development of that legendary engine and the gradual evolution from XK120 to 140 and 150, through to motorsport, feature cars, restoration projects, buying guides and technical specifications.