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Vintage Roadscene Archive Vol 11 - 'SD' - Shelvoke & Drewry

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Vintage Roadscene Archive

Volume 11


Based in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, Shelvoke & Drewry are best known as manufacturers of special purpose commercial vehicles, including refuse collection vehicles, gully and cess pool emptiers, street cleaning and washing vehicles. But they also built buses, fire engines and fork-lift trucks too.

In this colourful and unusual album, author Malcolm Bates, has pulled together an enormous variety of images, including works photographs, contemporary magazine and newspaper reports, promotional material and ephemera that provides a fascinating insight into one of the most specialised vehicle manufacturers in the world.

Malcolm also draws on his experience of having worked for Shelvoke & Drewry and is therefore able to give first-hand accounts of many of the projects and vehicle builds undertaken during his time there.

This is the latest in the series that continues on from the Road Archive Series and now stretches to over 30 volumes. Earlier editions, once out of print, are now being reprinted to meet demand.

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