Tractor & Farming Heritage | February 2014

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Tractor & Farming Heritage - February 2014

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3 Welcome

18 News
All the latest from the world of tractors
and farming heritage.

20 Don’t get me started
Graham Hampstead turns over a new
leaf for 2014 – but will it last?

22 Tractor Talk
All your news, views and comments
around the classic and vintage scene.

78 Welsh tractors and THAT Farmall
We meet tractor enthusiast and restorer
Emlyn Williams and the tricycle tractor
that his wife just loves to hate.

84 Confessions of a tea boy
Graham Hampstead reflects on his
humble beginnings as an apprentice
engineer, which have stood him in good
stead throughout his life.

88 Next month
Preview of the March issue of Tractor & Farming Heritage.

122 Tractor widow
Who killed Santa? Farmer Brown blew him up.


6 Working Masseys
What do a golf course and an ice cream
business have in common? Working
classic MFs of course.

12 A special Marshall
Jonathan Whitlam recalls his first taste of
tractor ownership – a Marshall 904XL
straight off the internet.

26 Dave’s Tractors
Dave Taylor tells us all about his David
Brown 885, which he saved from the
great scrapyard in the sky.

30 Drilling in retirement
Paul Havard ‘drills for fun’ and what
better kit could he have chosen than a
County Forward Control tractor.

34 Wallis Wonder
This 1916 Wallis Cub was one of the stars
at the 2013 Newark Tractor Show; we talk
to the man who restored it – David White.


40 Thresherman reaps real rewards
Vic Mather’s David Brown Thresherman
made £36,500 at auction recently.
Pete Small tells us more.

44 Tractors in Winter
Stuart Gibbard looks at snow ploughing
with tractors – a story of men and
machines battling against the elements.

48 The handy harvester
Reader memories of the Ransomes Faun
potato harvester at work on the farm.

52 Green crop reloaded
The restoration of this green crop loader
is all the more remarkable given it had
stood unused for 50 years.

54 Get a grip with 4WD
Donald Bowler takes a look at the fourwheel
drive derivatives of Fordson,
Fords and Conversions.

58 What a road run!
Bob Wilson tells us all about the Harry
Ferguson Tractor Club of Australia’s
tractor trek of more than 2000km.

61 Tractor Archive
More heritage memories from the
farming literature of yesteryear.

65 Fiat 702
Italy’s answer to the Fordson Model F in
our veteran showcase feature.

66 Instantly yours
Daniele Casanova shows just how
powerful images of old vintage
machinery can be.

70 George’s tractor guard of honour
Polly Pullar meets larger than life
character George Farron, who will help
anyone and always makes his mark
raising funds.

74 The Home Farm Diaries
Do you remember February 1976?
Concorde, Bohemian Rhapsody, or even
the Morris Marina.


90 Honey I shrunk the Fergie
Ben Phillips makes a direct comparison
between two variations of the grey
Fergie – the narrow TEL and the
standard TED.

94 Reviews
All the latest tractor and farming
heritage books and DVDs to hit the

96 Trailer for the main event
It’s all too easy to forget maintaining a
vital piece of kit – the trailer.

100 Latest products
All the latest product releases to help
you restore and maintain your tractor.


102 Canadian Massey Days
John Farnworth reviews two significant
events last summer in the Massey-Harris
homeland of Ontario Province, Canada.

106 Bracing in Bristol
Is it February already? The Cheffins
Bristol Vintage Sale comes early this time

109 Classified section
Buy, sell, browse; this is the place to be.