Tractor & Farming Heritage | October 2013

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Tractor & Farming Heritage - October 2013

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3 Welcome

18 News
All the latest news in the world of
tractors and heritage.

26 Tractor Talk
All your news, views and comments
around the classic and vintage scene.

76 The art of keeping it simple
It’s a refreshing change to meet Phillip
Houghton who successfully ran his farm
using only 1950s Ferguson machinery.

80 All quiet on the Hampstead front
There’s been a whole lot of rumbling
going on but Graham finally finds the
fault on his Dexta.

106 Next Month
Preview of the November issue of
Tractor&Farming Heritage.

122 Confessions of a tractor widow
We love our hobby, but what does the
better half think?


6 Just rewards
Ewart Ramsay’s wife must have thought
he’d left home, working on his resto all
hours, but it paid off.

12 Memories are made of this
John Bell’s life has been shaped by
tractors; now he owns a Fordson Major,
Ford 5000 and County 1164 that signify
so much to him.

30 One of a kind
Richard Jones has recently finished an
unusual conversion project – the

34 Caught in the act...
Vintage and classic tractors–we spot
them everywhere.


84 How to buy a tractor
Sometimes it can be a daunting prospect
buying a vintage/classic tractor–here
are a few pointers to help you out.

86 Rebuilding a dynamo
Most tractors of the 1950s and 1960s will
have a dynamo, so it’s a good idea to
know what’s delivering the power.

90 Ford 3000 brake and seal replacement
How to tackle one of the most common
refurbish jobs on your vintage tractor.

94 What a turn round
The NVTRR 2014 raffle tractor restored in
record time to start fundraising duties.


36 Model of distinction
We trace the history of the John Deere B,
one of the company’s most successful

42 Classic grass harvest
When confronted by a convoy of classic
machinery what else do you do but
follow it to see what it’s all about.

48 Summertime and the season is swinging
Farming in 1961 was very different to
what we know today and agricultural
shows reflected this.

52 Tractors on my travels
The digital camera captures the smallest
detail, but artist James Gray shows
there’s still no substitute for that human

54 A makeshift haytime
Getting the tackle together was a major
job at The Old Farm for haytime – let
alone doing it.

58 I remember, I remember...
A retired farmer shares his memories of
tractors before and during the Second
World War.

61 Tractor archive
More memories from the farming
literature of the past.

66 American dream machine
Jeffrey Weldon from Washington State,
US, tells us about his tractor – a 1947
Co-op E3.

68 Know your Field Marshall
If you believe all Field Marshall tractors
are the same, then you are very much

73 Overtime Model R
A ‘champion’ tractor for the First World
War ploughing campaigns.

74 The boys of summer
Every schoolboy dreads the ending of
the holidays, especially when they’ve
spent the summer on the farm.


96 What’s on
Your guide to heritage days out
throughout the season.

100 Tractor Events
The tricky sands of Morecambe Bay are
the scene for a road run with a

102 Auctions
Heat, heat and more heat at the Cheffins
summer sale in July.

107 Classifieds
Buy, sell, browse, this is the place to be.