Tractor & Farming Heritage | May 2013

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Tractor & Farming Heritage - May 2013

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3 Welcome

7 News
All the latest news in the world of
tractors and farming heritage.

70 Manufacturing in miniature
Martin Leftley gives us a ‘behind the
scenes’ look at how G&M Models
produce the David Brown 2D in 1:16
scale with ploughing attachment.

72 Mini-machines on display at French show
Henry Smith visited the French Sima
Machinery Show to see what was new in
the miniature world of farming.

75 Rugged reliability
Jo Roberts meets fisherman Bob
Jones from North West Wales for
whom no-nonsense affordable tractors
are the real catch to match his rugged

80 A Northumbrian mud lark
Polly Pullar follows a road run which has
a lot in common with the Battle of

83 Rare Breeds
No. 110 Highland Cattle
84 Life down on the farm
Reaping the benefits of ‘food miles’,
Schmallenberg scares and a piece of
plastic that cost a fortune are all part
and parcel of everyday life for Graham

88 Tractor Talk
Your news and views on all things
tractor and heritage.

122 Next month
Preview of the June issue of Tractor

12 Driving success
Jonathan Garrett from Co. Down,
Northern Ireland tells us about passing
his tractor driving test at 16 and then
going on his first road run.

18 Fresh out of the box
Garry Cron, his dad John, son
Robert and their crew helped
restore this Massey Ferguson 290 to
an exceptional standard.

22 Cutting their teeth in the fleet
The Phillipson family employ two
Renault tractors to help run their
business and find they work happily
alongside their vintage collection.

26 Home to the stars
Dessie Armstrong’s social club, the
Royal Arms, has been graced by many
performers such as Frank Carson and
Bernard Manning but it is also home to
his own personal collection of ‘stars’.

34 Is it work or pleasure
To be able to combine work and
pleasure is many a man’s dream; Roy
Reid, of Newtownards in Co Down, is
one of the lucky few.

91 What’s on
Your guide to heritage days out
throughout the season in our
comprehensive event guide.

96 Tractor events
We kick off a new season of event
reports with a review of Tractor World at

102 Sales & Marketplace
Previews and reviews of sales and
tractor auctions from around the

38 Tracks to the pole
Stuart Gibbard explains how Antarctica
was conquered as he looks at the
tractors that have assisted various
expeditions to the South Pole.

42 The Harvester link
Mike Teanby remembers IHGB
employees at work, rest, and play.

48 Making tracks across Scotland
For many years a crawler tractor was the
thing to have for a lot of farmers, ideal
for heavy cultivation and top work they
performed an important role.

54 Massey Ferguson 35 and 65
Think of a name that changed the look
and availability of tractors in the last
century, and, along with Henry Ford,
Harry Ferguson also springs to mind.

59 It’s a small world
Meet Vaughan Roberts, a man with an
inexpensive and engaging hobby.

62 Tractor Gallery
These two Massey-Harris 55s were
connected in this way by a Massey-
Harris dealer in Geraldine, Montana,
around five years before Ernest Doe’s
first Fordson conversions were

65 Tractor Archives
More farming memories depicted
through brochures back in the day.

69 Eagle Model E 20-35
The two-cylinder Model E 20-35 was the
last of the line of Eagle tractors
produced which could trace its lineage
back to the prairie giants.

120 Lambing time
Springtime is lambing time and
depending on the type of sheep, the
industry’s lambing period in Scotland
can last for almost six months.