Tractor & Farming Heritage | March 2011

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Tractor & Farming Heritage - March 2011

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3 Welcome

12 News
What’s going on in the world of tractors.

16 Behind the scenes
Many of us have been on and enjoyed the National Road Run, an annual event staged on Easter Sunday. The question is how many of us know who is the leading light behind this fantastic event?

60 Tractor Talk
Your views and product reviews.

65 Model World
Henry Smith reviews what’s going on in the model scene.

78 And so back to work...
Having uncharacteristically obeyed doctor’s orders for the last three months while his knee heals, Graham Hampstead returns to light duties in the workshop.

86 Steep lanes and giant cranes
When her partner’s collection has to be re-homed, Jo Roberts decides that it’s a case of tractors yes, cranes no - that’s a step too far!

92 Dancing through life
Sprightly 94-year-old hill shepherd Sandy Paterson, reflects on his experiences travelling the length and breadth of Scotland during his working life.

96 Showtime at Smithfield
The Smithfield Show used to mark the end of the farming year, with farmers and their families going to London to see the best in livestock and what new machinery the manufacturers had on offer.

120 Farming Focus: In the depth of winter
We have often been told how hard the winters used to be by the older generation and perhaps this and last year has given a flavour of what hardships were endured, especially in the infamous years of 1947 and 1963.

121 Rare Breeds
No. 84 British Gotland Sheep

Your tractors

22 Heart of industry
We discover a Massey Ferguson Industrial 702 - appropriately housed on an industrial estate in the heart of Salford!

28 Big, blue and British!
It never ceases to amaze how old tractors keep on working on our farms. Take this Leyland 384 tractor for example that has worked hard for its living for many years on a farm in Herstmonceaux, East Sussex.

32 Classics at Oldtown
Due to their ease of operation and maintenance, classic tractors can still prove their worth on today’s farms, John Rodgers of Oldtown, Co Dublin explains.

36 How could I resist!
Ben Phillips is made an offer he just couldn’t refuse as the 1955 Ferguson TEF-20 in question completed his set of standard width English-built grey Ferguson tractors.

44 The Ritscher Multitrac
Egon Scheuch, a German Engineer, devised the concept of a front tool carrier tractor before WWII but it was not until hostilities ceased that the idea came to fruition.

46 County were prepared
As we are in the middle of another great British winter sometimes it pays to look back and reflect.

50 Keeping in the swim
Special tractors that have never seen a ploughed field, but can swim, launch boats and park under water - Peter Henshaw investigates.

58 German record breakers
A tandem Deutz D40, marathon road-running Bulldog and a neighbour’s International were included on a ‘tractor-free’ visit to Germany for Peter Squires.

68 Here they be giants
Few brands of farm machinery have fuelled the passion of enthusiasts around the world as much as International Harvester; John Walker and his son Nick are no exception with their own collection of International crawlers.

90 Scraping a living?
The ubiquitous yard scraper - tattered, battered and crusty. But often well respected too, certainly true of this MF 135, still owned by the same family who bought it new in 1968.

Farming heritage

6 Who changed farming most - Ford or Ferguson?
It is perhaps not an important question but it is an intriguing one. And perhaps no other rivalry is quite as noticeable as that between the blue and red camps!

26 Making hay the David Brown way
Concluding our look at making hay the David Brown way, just a few miles away from the Meltham factory where these David Brown tractors were built during the 1960s and 70s.

40 Contract to mill
The sight that always stirs the blood of farm folk past and present is that of the threshing mill - wherever they are, crowds always gather.

54 The carnival is over
Anyone who visited the Royal Show at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, would ever forget the experience; and certainly not during the 1980s.

74 Dania - the Great Dane
Pete Small reviews the history of the Dronningborg Dania 1200 Combine, which although at its time was at the cutting edge of harvesting technology, failed to make an impact on the British market.


102 Road runs, rallies and ploughing event reports

110 Sales & Marketplace News
In the workshop

82 How to repair a box of sparks
Ever been sent to the stores for a box of sparks for an engine that has lost its ignition?

Front cover

Ashley Godsall's 1951 Field Marshall Series III is a familiar sight to anyone who has been to a National Vintage Tractor Road Run as it is always used to start the event off. Turn to page 16 for the full story.