Tractor & Farming Heritage | February 2011

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Tractor & Farming Heritage - February 2011

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3 Welcome

11 News
What’s going on in the world of tractors.

60 Tractor Talk
Your views and product reviews.

65 Model World
Henry Smith reviews what’s going on in the model scene.

74 Snapshots of village life
Polly Pullar bemoans the weather that has been as erratic and moody as a teenager with a surge of hormones and has stopped her taking to the hills to visit two tractor buffs.

82 From global warming to equine hoodies
Graham Hampstead looks back on an eventful year which has finished the way it started - with a clamp full of frozen wuzzels!

90 Have tracks will travel
Jo Roberts finds a vintage tractor that laughs in the face of snow and ice.

119 Farming Focus: Tales of the feeding house
In the cold dark days of winter a great deal of time on the farm is devoted to the caring of livestock, in days when most farms kept livestock and a very diverse range of it, the time spent was significant.

121 Rare Breeds
No.83 Toggenburg Goat

122 Next Month
Preview of the March issue of Tractor magazine.

Your tractors

6 30 years of the Ford Series 10
Back in 1981, 30 years ago this year, the Ford Motor Company launched a brand new series of tractors that replaced all of its current model line-up from the smallest 2610 up to the then biggest Basildon built machine; the 7710.

16 Lessons well learned
Peter Phillips reflects on how his tractor collection came together and the experience he has gained to benefit new projects he still has in mind.

22 Multi-Power master class
David Bowers visits Trevor Chippendale’s fine collection to examine his latest newly finished creation, a Massey Ferguson 135 Multi-Power.

26 A natural progression
We visit Co Down, Northern Ireland to see how agriculture and engineering have gone hand in hand in the development of farm machinery, in this remarkable collection.

32 Not quite the norm
The ubiquitous Grey Fergie could easily be described as a good old trooper, we visit George Martin of Co Tyrone who has taken that quite literally by installing an Isuzu Trooper engine in his!

36 Cooking up a storm
The addition of a Storm Guard cab to this 1964 Fordson County Super-4 was the icing on the cake for its restoration.

Not that old, but still a rarity. A five-cylinder air-cooled Deutz DX.

50 Surfs up in Southport?
Alan Barnes uncovers a rarity to these shores, the Allis-Chalmers One-Ninety Beachmaster tractor, and the unusual history behind it.

58 That Landini look!
When looking at hot bulb tractors it is usually overlooked that Landini produced their own version, not a licensed Lanz copy as others did.

68 Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...
It’s nice to look at from the fireside, but it’s ‘snow joke’ when you have to brave what the weather has dropped down in December. Peter Squires talks to two Derbyshire lads whose tractor journeys were ‘life saving’.

Your tractors

70 Back to the future
Following on from our IH HT-340 concept tractor feature last month, we hear of a New York man who has built his own reproduction version.

Farming heritage

46 In a Claas of their own
It's amazing what sticks with you from your childhood - Ben Phillips recalls a fascination which began in childhood when he watched a neighbour use a Matador.

54 Ford - the 10 year Romance
Mike Teanby takes a look at the positive benefits of Henry Ford’s involvement in British Farming during the 1930s and led to the creation of his company’s famous Institute for Agricultural Engineering.

78 Fordson Wheeled Conversions
We continue our look at the abundance of adverts and reports on Fordson and Ford wheeled and tracked conversions through Alec’s Cuttings; here we look at the Fordson era up to 1959 of wheeled conversions, including halftracks.


94 Road runs, rallies and ploughing events roundup

104 Selling at auction
In recent years Classic and Vintage tractors have soared in value particularly when they come under the ‘Auctioneers Hammer’ but to the uninitiated selling machinery at Auction can be nerve-racking - regular auction goer Jane Brooks takes a look at the process.

108 Sales & Marketplace News

In the workshop

86 Piston rings and things
As Allan Henshaw-Allcock restores a 1961 Fordson Dexta we take a closer look at the piston rings and crankshaft bearings.

Front cover

Trevor Chippendale’s MF 135 Multi-Power is a master class job in terms of the overall finish that’s been achieved and Trevor’s adherence to only using genuine Massey Ferguson parts!