Heritage Commercials | June 2014

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Heritage Commercials - June 2014

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06 Ignition
A quick look at what’s happening in the
world of classic commercials.

10 Readers’ letters
Your chance to ask a question, put things
straight or tell us your story.

18 Always the bridesmaid
Why did Albion only make 400 eightwheelers?

24 Subscription form
Save money and get your copy of HC
delivered early by subscribing.

26 History of Atkinson
Alan Barnes concludes the story of
Atkinson Lorries.

34 On location
Bob Tuck reports on the 15th Kirkby
Stephen & Brough Rally.

36 Off the rails – part 1
Bill Aldridge tells the story of the road
goods vehicles operated by Britain’s railway
companies over the years.

42 Archive album
A look at times past using the superb NA3T
photographic archive.

46 French correction
Citroen commercials dating from the
1920s are a rare sight in France, let alone
Britain. But thanks to one man’s
perseverance there’s at least one cracking
example over here to admire.

50 Fiat Fantastico
Neil Cross tracks down something a
bit different that’s bringing a bit of Italian
flare to the UK preservation scene.

54 Seddon’s secret
Having invested time, effort and finance into
the development of a heavy duty vehicle, it
does seem strange that the Seddon Sirdar
30 tonner never went into full production.
Alan Barnes investigates what happened.

60 My Leyland days – part 2
Dennis Brooks continues the story of his
working life as an engineer with Leyland
Group vehicles in the harsh conditions of
1960s/70s Australia.

66 Curry and chips
Road runs don’t come much more
enjoyable than riding shotgun with Steve
Curry and his family as they take ‘Trusty’ on
a run to sun-baked Hout Bay to experience
fish and chips South Africa style!

72 From our archives
This month we feature the tipper models
of Ford’s ubiquitous D Series. Did you
drive one?

76 National Treasure
Ed Burrows tells the story of what was once
the world champion heavy lifter –
Scammell’s Hundred Tonner.

84 Classic Collection
The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service
Heritage Trust recently opened its new
‘Museum of Fire’ at Greenock on the River
Clyde. Bob Weir paid them a visit.

88 Club listing
Classic vehicle enthusiast?
Well join the club!

90 Maltese lorry safari
If you want to see loads of old British
lorries still at work there’s only one place
to go, as Michael Marshall found out.

96 The man behind the brush
We meet up with the man behind the
commercial vehicle images in hundreds
of paintings and calendars, and have
a look at some of his new images
coming soon.

102 Double Whammy
The Bedford ‘O’ Series was the workhorse
of the postwar generation, but survivors
are now thin on the ground. Bob Weir
went to the Strathmore Valley in the heart
of Scotland, to meet two superb examples.

107 HC Marketplace
The place to buy and sell anything to do
with classic commercials.

114 Final word
Another few bits and bobs to end this
month’s issue.