Heritage Commercials | May 2013

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Heritage Commercials - May 2013

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06 Thanks for the
memories, John
With the passing away of retired Sunter
driver John Robinson at the age of 97,
the heavy haulage world has lost one
of its long time heroes.
Bob Tuck looks back at the life and
feats of a man we will probably never
see the likes of again.

12 News
News and events from around the classic
commercial world.
18 Road test a Swiss role –
part 3, Gertie’s travels
Margaret and Roger Mortimore continue
the story of their 1958 Saurer, and with
the restoration work completed they are
able to embark on a three week
‘shakedown’ tour of Europe.

24 A slice of nostalgia
Dean Reader tracks down a classic
Morris that’s still working for a living after
42 years on the road.

28 Your say
Four pages of your comments, memories
and observations. Why not tell us what
you think?

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34 First of the many
Alan Barnes tells the story of the DAF 2600 –
‘the mother of international road transport’
which was launched at the Amsterdam
Show of 1962, and took the world by storm.

40 Belarusian revolution
Ed Burrows tells the story of the Russian
MAZ Cold War warriors that when they
entered production in the 1950s were
more technically innovative than anything
in contemporary NATO inventories.

48 Archive album
Four pages of pure nostalgia from the
superb NA3T photograph archive. This
month the theme is Thornycroft

52 On location
This month Gyles Carpenter reports from
the Motorman’s Cafe Gathering.

54 Leyland’s forgotten workhorse
The Leyland Clydesdale could never lay
claim to being the most glamorous of
lorries – but it was a hard working vehicle
and formed the backbone of many fleets
throughout the country.

60 Lightweight champion of the world
Alan Barnes traces the development and
worldwide use of the military air-portable
Land Rover.

67 A call to arms
Bob Tuck waxes lyrical about Unipower’s
famous one-off HET.

68 Robinsons ride again
More than 30 years after he last drove
an ERF adorned with his father’s
distinctive Robinson of Northallerton
livery, Trevor Robinson turned the clock
back to recreate a similar head turning
vision. But as Bob Tuck discovers, it was
Trevor’s 17-year-old son Luke who was
the driving force behind the project.

74 From our archives
This month we feature some Bedford CA
van conversions, courtesy of Tony
Osborne. Did you drive one?

78 Mr Sandman
Many years ago Paul Morris drove an
old Atkinson for his family haulage
company. Now in business for himself
he’s decided to recreate times past with
an ‘Atky’ of his own.

80 Foden fanatic
Dave Bowers visits Gareth Hardy in
Stockport to see his collection of
fantastic classic commercials going
back nearly 60 years, including the
occasional ‘wildcard’.

86 Oil in the blood
Colin Morrow can date the beginnings of
the family’s company, Colin J Morrow &
Sons Ltd, back to a century ago when
lamp oil as well as general oil was sold
from a small shop in Gravelhill Road,
Maze by his grandmother. Gina Harvey
paid him a visit to find a 21st century
company very proud of its past.

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