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Heritage Commercials - March 2011

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6 Eager Beavers
The latest head turning addition to Nicol’s growing restoration collection is very much a result of efforts made by many people. So Bob Tuck travels to a rain lashed Aberdeen to hear the roll call and try out the 1938 Leyland Beaver four-wheel tanker for himself.

12 News and reviews
News from around the classic commercial vehicle world.

16 Cream of the Midsummer Classics
David Craggs goes to see Norman Carpenter's incredible Commer Superpoise replica milk float - just the thing to brighten up your long and dark winter’s evenings!

22 A life on the spanners
Bob Smith talks to Fred Fryer about his life as a fitter at Tilbury’s of Southampton.

28 Readers letters
Six pages of your memories, news and queries.

34 From our archives
This month’s archive sales brochure is courtesy of Fred Emery and features the Albion AZ.5 chassis from the late 1940s. Did you have anything to do with these lorries? Please write in and tell us what it was like.

38 Charabancs to tanks
Military historian Richard Pullen tells the story of a forgotten piece of British engineering that went a long way towards winning World War 1.

42 Outstanding Octopus
Alan Barnes visits Tony Knowles to see another of his superb heritage collection - a 1962 Leyland Octopus.

48 On location
This month we feature two of this year’s early events. Gyles Carpenter visits the Sharpness Run while Roger Hamlin reports on happenings at Taunton’s New Year’s Day event.

52 The story of an Enthusiast - Clive Davis
What possesses a busy owner driver to spend a good part of his limited spare time rebuilding and rallying old lorries? Is it a) a nagging wife, b) insanity or c) a genuine enthusiasm for the task? To find out, Richard Tew travelled down to Meare in Somerset to meet the man himself, Clive Davis.

58 One man’s obsession
One of the most popular sections of HC has always been the ‘Archive Album’ which features superb photos from NA3T. This month NA3T founder Bob Hobbs tells us how the archive came into being, and how it has taken over his life.

62 A Scammell in showland
Alan Barnes goes to see the magnificent ex-army Scammell Pioneer owned by the Wall family.

66 Do it yourself!
Owning an old restored vehicle that looks spic and span reflects professionalism, and is a good way of promoting a business . So what better choice of promotional vehicle could there be for a purveyor of old/new stock Ford auto parts than a Thames 307E ‘Anglia’ van. David Bowers reports.

70 Chris’s scrapbook
Transport historian Chris Woodcock continues his series of articles based on his superb collection of period photographs.

74 Arthur’s album
The name Arthur Ingram will no doubt be familiar to most classic lorry enthusiasts, and I’m pleased to say that he’ll be writing regularly for HC in future. In his first feature he comes up with some real photographic gems - you’ll enjoy this!

80 Pollock's Auld Yin
Pollock (Scotrans) Ltd have accumulated a fine collection of old lorries over the years, so it was no surprise when they acquired a 1948 ERF C15 from the Mitchell family in Grangemouth. Bob Weir reports.

Classic Truck

Seven heaven
For 2010, the West Coast Road Run also ventured along Scotland’s Northern and Eastern seaboards. Many participants covered more than 1,000 miles on this event, which was run in memory of the late John Lane. Bob Tuck has the drive of his life in the 1981 Volvo F7 which was the first brand new truck given to Andrew Malcolm when only 19 years old.

Class conversion
Although this Scania 113M looks like a showpiece it’s actually very much a working vehicle. Alan Barnes reports.

This month we feature Matthew Kibble’s Volvo F88 taking part in the 2010 John Lane Memorial Run. Photo Gyles Carpenter.

More wheel drive
The Netherlands boasts what Britain does not - indigenously-owned truck manufacturers. One of these is GINAF which, as Ed Burrows describes, has a history of creative engineering and thrives on building convention-defying multi-axle, multi-drive trucks topped by 5-axle 70+ tonners.

R Swain & Sons Leyland Roadtrain
Alan Barnes visits a company that’s been in haulage for 85 years - and proud Leyland owners since the start.

A rare breed
You know it’s amazing what you can find on the internet today. A cure for toothache, the latest wi-fi mobile phone, Italian shoes, and as Pete Norton finds out, even an American classic Marmon lorry.