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Heritage Commercials - October 2009

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6 1972 ERF A Series
When Raymond Hare first bought this lorry it tried to kill him! It didn’t stop him from completing a cracking restoration though. Alan Barnes tells the story.

10 Reviews
New products on the market.

12 News
News from around the classic commercial vehicle world.

16 Events guide
Where to go and what to see throughout September.

18 A Mandator reborn
Mark Wiltshire had wanted a V8 AEC Mandator for years. He has finally achieved his ambition with this cracking restoration. Richard Tew went to Bristol to get the story.

24 Workshop
It’s bodges and big ends for the editor’s Triumph Courier this month.

26 Reader’s restoration
Bob Hill restored his ‘O’ Type Bedford on a shoestring, even doing some of it in his laundry room!

28 Readers’ letters
Five pages of your news, views and questions.

34 Cover story
John Jose only undertook the full restoration of this Scammell when it was nearly destroyed by fire. Roger Hamlin reports.

38 Ultimate Atkinson?
Robin Jones went to see Peter Hedger’s collection of classic commercials including his superb Atkinson. It even has gold-plated taps in its living area!

44 Going full circle
Mike Houghton’s 1967 Leyland Beaver certainly doesn’t look like one. Bob Tuck tells the story of this unusual vehicle.

50 On location
This month we visit the AEC Society’s Great North Road Rally via the superb photography of Gyles Carpenter.

52 Desert Scammells
Paul Crawley worked as an engineer for the Sultan of Oman. These pages show just some of the vehicles he was involved with.

54 Nostalgic Al
Alex Saville tells the third part of his life as a driver.

55 Next month
A preview of just some of the cracking features in the November issue of HC.

56 Archive Album
Two pages of period photos from the superb NA3T collection.

60 Part of the family
David Robinson’s 1932 Bedford WS has been in his family for over 60 years. David Bowers goes to see this superbly restored vehicle.

66 Scrapyard survivor
We visit Danny Johnstone to see the 1979 Haulamatic 6-15 that he recently rescued from the scrap heap and put straight back to work.

70 Company history
Alan Barnes tells the story of F Davidson & Sons Ltd, who’s lorries have been a familiar sight around Dumfries since 1924.

76 Classic collection
Alan Barnes visits Ronnie Black to look at his fleet of classic ambulances.

82 Poetry in motion
Bob Weir talks to Robert Laidlaw about his two superb classics - a 1984 Scania 112M and a 1974 Scammell Routeman.

86 A forgotten art
Chris Woodcock looks at the forgotten art of roping and sheeting, and then shows you how it’s done.

83 HC Marketplace
The place to buy or sell anything related to classic commercials.