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Heritage Commercials - January 2008

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Editors Comment
Words and wisdom from our esteemed editor David Craggs
6 Ulster’s ultimate Atkinson
Having lived around lorries all his life, it was only a matter of time before Larne’s George Crothers became a lorry restorer. The fabulous fruits of his labours can be seen in this seven page feature.

13 News
Peter Love has researched and collated these three packed pages of news that keep you up to date with your hobby and pastime.

16 Christmas reviews
Two pages of reviews to give you additional items to go on your Christmas wish list alongside an HC subscription.

18 A very special AEC replica
Take two AEC 4x4 Matadors, discard some of the bits, join the remainder together and what have you got - a replica of an 8x8 designed in the 1930s - just fascinating.

26 Readers’ Letters
Because this is the Christmas edition, we’re really pushing the boat out by awarding every letter we print in this edition with a prize from the HC Goody Bag - Ed.

30 The Scammell Gathering
Gyles Carpenter rounds off his southern rally season by attending one of his favourites, with one hand on his camera and the other firmly clenched around his hot dog!

34 The Jevon Memoirs
Tony’s self-illustrated offering this month sees our hero taking a busload of potential alcoholics to Blackpool for a social occasion that ended in a far from social result - enjoy.

36 Archive Album
Four pages featuring the wonderful nostalgic camera work of the late Arthur Hustwitt showing London in the 50s and 60s. These pictures are something really special - the more you look at them the more you see.

40 The Penfold Foden
It started life as a Gardner engined S39 tipper - now it’s a rigid with an S36 cab and a two-stroke engine - Alan Barnes tells the story.

46 Fiddling home
At one time or another we’ve all fiddled a night out or thumbed a lift. Read Tony Hawkridge’s amusing anecdotes on the subject.

50 On Location
This wonderland painting by famed artist Alan Spillett, commissioned by Graham Thorne fits the centre of our Christmas magazine perfectly.

52 Life on the Hard Shoulder
This is part one of the story told by ex-AA Patrolman and restored AA Austin 1000 van owner Dave Thornley to David Bowers.

58 A Salesman’s Confessions
Peter Smith takes another look back at his life as a lorry salesman with this fine blend of amusing and serious anecdotes.

60 The Thornycroft ‘A’ Series
Seven pages of detailed information supplied by the Thornycroft Society to Alan Barnes about this well-respected four and six wheeler, first produced as the A1 in 1924, backed by stunning archive pictures.

70 Lol Fish’s Escapades
We know from your reaction to Lol’s previous offerings that you enjoy his true tales - you’ll definitely enjoy these.

74 The Heart of Wales
This road run, organised by the Boughey clan, is guaranteed to please whatever the weather as it wends its way from Shropshire around North Wales - the 2007 event was no exception.

76 Billitt’s wheat fleet
Sadly, companies such as the Billitt family’s milling and agricultural feedstuff supplying company, have been swallowed up by the major milling conglomerates, but their proud story still needs telling.

80 Defender of the faith
Dave Lawrence’s mighty Atkinson Defender carries a very special load when attending rallies - a 1914 Crossley gas engine. A colourful report by Roger Hamlin.

84 The Queen’s canteen
This humble Austin K2 three-ton canteen wagon was handed over by the late Queen Mother to serve the people of Angus during WWII.

87 ADvintage - Read ALL the adverts for FREE online NOW!
These pages contain an up-to-date guide to what’s available and wanted, as they are updated monthly by our team thus ensuring you’re not wasting yours, or anyone else’s time - use it, it works.

94 Emerging classic - ERF ’C’ Series
A joint love of lorries drove enthusiasts Gary Gedge and Rachelle Van Der Sloot, to find and refurbish this beautiful emerging classic.