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Heritage Commercials - August 2005

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Bayliss ERF LV
Cover feature - an in-depth look at this Bob Bayliss 'A' Series ERF restored in the livery of his former employer.

News &' product reviews
Keep up to date with this two-page spread.

Danish bacon
Ray Newcomb serves up the history of the transportation of Danish bacon and butter products.

The Phoenix Road Run
A two-page report by David Craggs into this demanding road run through some breathtaking countryside.

Thornycroft Handy
On one of its rare public appearances outside its Milestones Museum home, Alan Barnes captured it perfectly.

Readers' Letters
You have your say with a chance to win a fabulous Corgi model prize.

Events guide
Your guide to events nationally over the next month.

Pre-war Road Run
Alan Barnes spotted some beauties while attending this important event for Heritage Commercials.

London's Burning...
Part III of this fascinating fireman's life, told by ex-fireman/driver Alan Layland.

Lord Morrison
Trust Brian Howes to 'sniff-out' this unique eight-wheeled Foden mobile power plant, originally owned by the Billy Smart circus empire.

Austin pick-up
John Hobbs takes a look at a beautifully restored Austin version of this popular pick-up.

On location
this one featuring don't Albion get much better than celebrated photographer Malcolm Ranieri.

Irish restored Scania
Ulsterman Michael McGeehan showed David Craggs his restored fleet and let him loose in his Scania LB81 unit.

NE Scotland Run
Gyles Carpenter just loved going north of the border to bring us this fabulous pictorial report.

1930 Ford laundry van!
This superbly restored NZ Model 'A' Ford De Luxe delivery van caught Roger Hamlin's eye, and the story behind it caught his imagination.

Travelling shops
Self-confessed Morris commercial fanatic Geoff Fishwick takes a memory-jerking look back at mobile shops.

From the archive
Perkins replacement engines were fitted to a variety of lorries. John Barke supplied us with this Perkins sales brochure aimed at Ford FT6 owners.

Welsh Leyland Beaver
A visit to Shaun Swain's west Wales workshop revealed this terrific newly restored Leyland Beaver, writes journalist Keith Langston.

Welsh Wanderings IV
A bus trip around beautiful South Wales, riding in and looking at a variety of buses and coaches, was just the ticket, reports Andrew Tucker.

Hundreds of unusual sales and wants - it's a must.