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Stationary Engine magazine that takes its readers on a wonderful journey into the fascinating world of stationary engines, which are used to drive immobile equipment such as pump or power tools. The collection, restoration and study of stationary engines is a hugely popular hobby, and their continual discovery, identification and restoration is brought alive each month by the experts who write Stationary Engine magazine. 


WIND, WATER AND STEAM: Fred takes a nostalgic tour of the country giving his own inimitable view on the Industrial Revolution.

MILLS AND FACTORIES: The series continues as Fred Dibnah traces the development of Britains textile industry from the picturesque Scottish countryside of New Lanark to the urban mill town of Burnley.

IRON AND STEEL: Fred takes a look at the development of the iron and steel industries at Ironbridge Gorge in Shropshire.

MINING: Freds tour takes him from Cornwall to Scotland, exploring how tin, slate, lead and coal were all extracted from the ground.

RAILWAYS: In this programme he traces the development of the railways from the first steam locomotive to the world record breaking Mallard.

SHIP AND ENGINEERING: Fred looks at the great age of shipbuilding and examines the skills of engineers.


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