Ships Illustrated #4 - P&O Before the Cruise Ships

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Ships Illustrated: Classic Liners P&O

Paperback: 100 pages
Publisher: Kelsey Publishing (October 2014)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-909786-36-3
Barcode: 9781909786363

Now owned by DP World, the venerable Peninsula & Oriental Steam Navigation Company recently celebrated its 175th anniversary. One of the major reasons for its success was an innovative passenger liner building programme which started in 1931 with Strathnaver and culminated with the iconic Canberra in 1961. This book tells the story of the evolution of the passenger liner fleet during that important era of great change. While most of the black and white photos in the book are from the Newall Dunn Collection, the fabulous colour images have been supplied by Stephen Berry, Luis Miguel Correia, Peter Knego, Stephen Moore and Vic Young. I would also like to thank my partner Julie Kingston for her encouragement and proof reading, Andrew Bell for sharing his incredible knowledge of British Shipping, and Nicholas Leach, Editor of Ships Monthly, for his generous support with this book.

About the Author: Peter Newall A shipping writer, cruise journalist and cruise ship lecturer, Peter Newall is a former British Airways executive who has, in the past 55 years, visited and travelled on many famous ships. As well as numerous articles, he has written six books. His first on Table Bay Harbour was published in 1993. Union-Castle Line: A Fleet History was followed by a photographic book, Cape Town Shipping. Orient Line: A Fleet History, with a foreword by Lord Marshall, former Chairman of British Airways, appeared in 2004. Mauretania Triumph and Resurrection celebrated the 100th anniversary of the famous Cunarder. His last book, Cunard Line: a Fleet History is considered to be the definitive history of this famous company. He owns the Newall Dunn Collection, the extensive collection of historic merchant shipping images.

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