Get Fit & Slim #1 100 Meals Under 500 Calories

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Get Fit & Slim #1 100 Meals Under 500 Calories

Ref: BOOK GFS1100
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Get Fit & Slim Series

Issue 1 - 100 Meals Under 500 Calories

100 pages

Printed in convenient 19cm x 24cm size
Published in association with Rosemary Conley Online

This is the first issue in the new Get Fit & Slim series. We have put together a fantastic collection of 100 recipes all under 500 calories, which will help you lose weight as part of any healthy eating plan. In addition to the recipies, you can also find a tasty selection of sweet treats under 100 calories. We explore the best way to regulate your appetite so that if you work out more, you don't end up eating more! And finally, health and fitness guru, Rosemary Conley shares her top ten cooking and diet tips yo help you lighten up and feel great.

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