Royal Yachts

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Royal Yachts

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Royal Yachts

Title: Royal Yachts
Author: Alan Major

Some yachts had interesting histories; the yacht Nahlin, used by Edward VIII to woo Wallis Simpson, has just finished a long restoration, while King George V's Britannia, a J-class racing yacht, was scuttled when he died. Queen Victoria was said to have disliked the Victoria & Albert intensely, the ship being top heavy and prone to rolling, whereas, Britannia, built for the Queen at Clydebank, was one of the most loved of all royal yachts. Also featured are numerous royal yachts from around the world, including Belgium, Denmark, Egypt, Turkey, Zanzibar and many more.

Author: Alan Major
Hardcover: 160 pages
Publisher: Amberley Publishing
Language: English

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