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The Bull And The Barriers: The Wrecks of Scapa Flo

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The Bull and the Barriers: The Wrecks of Scapa Flow

Title: The Bull and the Barriers: The Wrecks of Scapa Flow
Author: Lawson Wood

The Bull and the Barriers is the story in words and pictures of the wrecks dotted in and around Scapa Flow and it is a tribute to those whose bodies remain forever trapped underwater in the Royal Oak and other ships. It is of course more than just a litany of metallic hulks on the seabed.

Scapa Flow is itself an inspirational place to dive, given its physical setting and its extraordinary history. It still attracts hundreds of divers every year.

Lawson Wood, himself a diver of huge experience, has written many dive guides and he provides in this book an exquisite introduction to what is in store for the divers of Scapa Flow and, at the sasme time, a wonderful memento to take back home with them.

Author: Lawson Wood
Paperback: 176 pages
Publisher: The History Press
Language: English

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