World of Ships #6 - Paddle Steamers

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World of Ships #6 - Paddle Steamers

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World of Ships

Issue 6 - Paddle Steamers


First on-sale April 2018

To be reprinted in September 2019 - Pre-order your copy now to receive one of the first off the printing press!

Due to popular demand this 100 page publication will be reprinted in perfect bound format. A high quality finish, measuring 274mm by 218mm.

Paddle Steamers: A Complete Guide is latest in the World of Ships series published by Kelsey Media and covers the massive range of paddlers still in existence in the UK and Europe.

Operation of paddle steamers began in the early 1820s and, although seagoing vessels were quickly superseded with the development screw propulsion, the type continued to find favour with lake and river operators to such an extent that more than 60 side-wheelers survive in Europe and Scandinavia, a number having more than a century of service behind them. The remarkable survivors are spotlighted in the book.
British veterans including Waverley, the world's last sea going paddler and the iconic River Dart-based Kingswear Castle, built in 1924 but powered by an engine dating from 1904, are featured along with Loch Lomond's Maid of the Loch and Kent-based Dunkirk veteran Medway Queen, both currently subject of preservation projects. Two surviving steamers from the Humber crossing are also covered along with former Solent ferry Princess Elizabeth, now lying in Dunkirk from where she rescued 1,637 men during Operation Dynamo in 1940.

Switzerland is a paddler hotbed with 18 steamers, 14 of them centenarians, spread between half a dozen different lakes while in Germany the famed 'White Fleet' at Dresden numbers nine steamers, all but two of them built in the 19th century.

Scandinavia claims the world's two oldest paddlers, Norway's Skibladner which has sailed on Lake Mjosa since 1856 and Denmark's Hjejlen, dating from 1861. The beat of paddles can also be heard in other areas in Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Hungary as well as locations in Eastern Europe, all of them covered by long-time steamer enthusiast Russell Plummer in 100 full colour pages.

Published by Ships Monthly Magazine.

Editor: Nicholas Leach
Author: Campbell McCutheon

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