Stationary Engine Instruction Booklet - Lister Pumps for household & Estate Duties

Stationary Engine Instruction Booklet - No 26 - Lister Pumps for household & Estate Duties

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Stationary Engine Ref. Booklet - No 26 - Lister Pumps for household

36 page instruction booklet for Lister Pumps used within households and estates. Contents include:

Shallow Well Pumps:
General remarks
Domestic Electric pumps
Belt driven pumps
H.P. Deisel engine direct-coupled pumps
A.C. Electric motor driven pumps
Switch Gear
Pipe friction curve

Deep Well Pumps:
Pipe friction curve
D01 / D04 pumps
D101 / D104 pumps
DE201 / DE207 pumps
D201 / D207 pumps
31 / 35
20 / 25
11 / 18
1 / 5
Spraying pumps
General notes
Golf course pumps
Rotary pumps

Several black and white images and illsurations are included.

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