Stationary Engine Instruction book & parts list - Petter Air Cooled Petrol / Vaporising Oil Engines (A series 11 - 2LTA Series 1) Instruction & Spare Parts List.

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Petter Air-Cooled Petrol and Petrol/Vaporising Oil Engines -Type A (Series 2) - 2LTA (Series 1) Instruction Book & Spare Parts List

Ref: SEREF22
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Stationary Engine Booklet - Petter Air Cooled Petrol/Vaporising Oil Engines (A series 2 – 2LTA Series 1) Instruction & Spare Parts List

24 page booklet.

Covers engines in the 400,000 - 599,999 serial number range. 1 1/2 to 10hp, including twin cylinder version.

Contents include: General description of engine, Running, Maintenance. Includes black and white illustrations & details parts exploded views.

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