Stationary Engine Transfer No. 04a Lister - Fuel Tank & 6" Clockwise Arrows

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Stationary Engine Transfer No. 04A Lister , LD_F Type Range

Set of Four transfers includes: 1x The Lister logo 1x Clock wise 6 inch arrow 1x Water level indicator 1x Manufactured by Stationary Engine Transfer No. 04 Lister D, DK_F Type Range

Set of three transfers includes:
1x The Lister logo
Width: 12cm or 5 inches
Height: 6cm or 2 & 1/2 inches

2x Clock wise 6 inch arrows
Width:  10.2cm or 4 inches
Height:  2.3cm or 3/4 of an inch

These sets of waterslide transfers are produced to original specification, this transfer set is suitable for use on Lister stationary engines.

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