SciFi Icons Star Wars Special Bookazine

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SciFi Icons Star Wars Special Bookazine

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Sci-Fi Icons | Star Wars

180 Page publication - a must for any Star Wars fan!

Editor in Chief – Dan Hutchinson
Production Editor – Jen Neal
Art Editor – Jon Wells

It is safe to say that there are few franchises that have had so much of an impact as Star Wars. Fans turn out in their billions to opening nights as the latest films hit the cinema, and Rouge One: A Star Wars Story was no exception. In this bookazine (so called as it is the size of a magazine, packed with content, with little or no adverts as you would expect in a book), we have for you a guide that barely touches the surface of what an icon Star Wars has become, what inspired it and what it has inspired, but we’ve given it our best shot in 180 pages.

From Flash Gordon to Guardians of the Galaxy, we take you on a journey of Star Wars’ humble beginnings, to its gargantuan present. From the films to the TV series to the Expanded Universe, there’s no stopping it! The Empire can always strike back!

Enjoy the book!

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