John Deere on Tracks DVD

John Deere on Tracks DVD

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John Deere on Tracks DVD 


For the first time in its history, John Deere is launching an articulated, pivot-steering tractor on tracks — the 9RX. We visit the imposing tractor’s birthplace at Waterloo, Iowa and then follow it   out on its test trail. Join us on our DVD journey, which kicks off in the American Mid West, the so-called Corn Belt, where we experience colossal farming enterprises with equally colossal grain storage facilities — in other words, the mighty 9RX’s natural habitat.   After marvelling at the scale of   the Mid West we then take to the seas with our 9RX travel companion, on board and across the Atlantic.  When we eventually make it to dry land we get to see how the 9RX handles European-style arable operations.  Length: 60 minutes 

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